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TV Catchphrases of all Time

We are affected by TV shows in more ways than we realize. They may end but the characters live on either through their quirky mannerisms or through their catchy one-liners. So let’s relive some of these catchphrases once more. Legen — wait for it — dary – Let’s start this list with one of the most awesome shows ever made. HIMYM provided…

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Books v/s Movies

An imaginary world where mind knows no bounds or a pseudo imagination of someone else. What will you prefer? Or in simpler words a novel or a movie which will you pick up first ?? A person who has actually read a novel will surely pick the former and all others will succumb to the later choice. After all, what…

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Deadpool – Movie Review

Action, gore, sex, pretty-one liners and British villains – what else can one ask in a superhero flick? Well, a lot of jokes and a super bad-ass anti-hero. Deadpool is not your average Marvel flick – not even close. It is jam packed with make you jump out of your seat action sequences and laugh out loud one-liners. Well for…

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