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The Notebook

Author -Nicholas sparks Price -Rs 250(eBook) No. of pages -240 Rating-3/5 The novel is the story of two childhood whose love has stood the test of time again and again. Sounds familiar? It is, well until the middle. The novel seems too slow in the beginning as if the author is trying to fill the pages. Set in North Carolina…

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The Ranch

Book-The ranch Price-Rs 493 (eBook amazon) Ratings-3/5 Genre- Chicklit Every woman has a story and The Ranch covers the story of three friends who have been downplayed by life and once again circumstances align themselves in such a way that they decide to meet up at a ranch in Wyoming either to get a break from their usual life or…

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The Secret Adversary

Book – The Secret Adversary Author – Agatha Christie Price- free eBook (Part of the Gutenberg Project) Ratings – 3.5/4 The World War I has ended, families are uniting and governments are trying to clear up the mess. So what could be better than turning this chaos into a sensational thriller? Thus, Tommy and Tuppence comes into existence. At first…

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15 books

15 Books To Read Before You Leave College

When someone first starts reading or when someone wants to start reading some another genre they are always reluctant to make that first choice; because one wrong book and the attractiveness of that genre diminishes. We all make mistakes and sometimes it devoids us of an experience that could have life changing. So here our team has tried to compile…

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booksvs movies

Books v/s Movies

An imaginary world where mind knows no bounds or a pseudo imagination of someone else. What will you prefer? Or in simpler words a novel or a movie which will you pick up first ?? A person who has actually read a novel will surely pick the former and all others will succumb to the later choice. After all, what…

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Master of the Game

Name -Master of the game Author -Sidney Sheldon Number of pages- 496 Price – Rs 340 Rating – 4/5 Sidney Sheldon understands human nature and how to keep readers interested even by a simple storyline. He writes’ novels that are tailor-made to make people turn the pages, even if they have a class at 8 O’Clock, their eyes are twitching…

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