The Notebook

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Th Notebook – Nicholas Sparks

Author -Nicholas sparks
Price -Rs 250(eBook)
No. of pages -240

The novel is the story of two childhood whose love has stood the test of time again and again. Sounds familiar? It is, well until the middle. The novel seems too slow in the beginning as if the author is trying to fill the pages.
Set in North Carolina the book captures the love of Noah and Allie who are forced away by their families for a good 7 years and surprise surprise they are still very much in love. The age old rich girl, poor boy storyline are meant to commence a session of eye rolls.
No, the cliches don’t end here, the boat scene seems to be shoplifted from an old Hindi movie. The heroine dressed in white, alone with the hero gets caught in a thunderstorm, need I say more. The book is so darn predictable.
And then the author suddenly realize how clichéd his novel has become and thus the heroine has Alzheimer and the hero cancer and surprisingly the book starts improving. Thus an emotional roller coaster ride begins.
The author’s writing style is beautiful and the book has a poetic flavor to it, thus making the first few chapters bearable and the book an international bestseller.
Imagine a Chetan Bhagat beginning and a Shakespearian ending.
The book could have been a lot better if the first chapters had been cut short.
But overall if you want a cheesy, sappy romance with a tragic ending this book is for you. But if you can’t stand cliches it’s better to skip a few pages.

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