The Ranch

The ranch - Book Review

The Ranch

Book-The ranch
Price-Rs 493 (eBook amazon)
Genre- Chicklit

Every woman has a story and The Ranch covers the story of three friends who have been downplayed by life and once again circumstances align themselves in such a way that they decide to meet up at a ranch in Wyoming either to get a break from their usual life or to just run away from an everlasting past.
This is one of those feel good books that slowly and beautifully transforms from a tragedy to an amazing journey , and teaches that life though difficult will always be worth living.
The writing style is simple with a touch of philosophy here and there and the storyline is quite good.
Though the characters Mary Stuart the housewife, Tanya the country singer and Zoe the doctor seem to be too perfect to be true .It feels as if the author has tried to make them seem like independent and strong women but she herself is not comfortable with the notion and thus some decisions taken by characters defies their personality.
Their problems though are something that makes this story worthwhile. I don’t think any author can combine philosophy, unconventional storylines and still make a good read. How many books have you read with AIDS victims as major characters or stories depicting after effects of a suicide??
But the major problem of the book is its repetitive nature and its a way too descriptive and damn the ending. Its just stupid. I mean from a woman like Mary Jane you would expect a sensible decision but what she does is quite irritating. Even the most predictable ending could have been better than that.
But all in all if you want a feel good, unconventional chick lit that borderlines romance it is just the thing for you.

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