The Secret Adversary

The Secret Adversary

The Secret Adversary

Book – The Secret Adversary
Author – Agatha Christie
Price- free eBook (Part of the Gutenberg Project)
Ratings – 3.5/4

The World War I has ended, families are uniting and governments are trying to clear up the mess. So what could be better than turning this chaos into a sensational thriller?

Thus, Tommy and Tuppence comes into existence. At first glance they seem average, well as average as someone can be at times of WWI. But when are the detectives ordinary – so she is too inquisitive and adventurous for her own good and he can be defined as a sensible unimaginative British guy.

The dialogue, the drama and of course, the mysterious Mr. Brown keeps the reader engaged. His name seems normal, eh? Don’t get fooled – he is omnipresent and still not susceptible.

The Rolls Royce car chase, the mocking of cliché detective stories, the banter between Tommy and Tuppence, the Jane Finn conspiracy, each and every twist and turn paves a way for an amazing climax.

Yes, the plot is a little unrealistic. Yes, some characters are over the top and sometimes it feels more like a movie’s screenplay than a novel. But if there is someone who can pull it off it is Christie.

The characters are unforgettable and Mr. Brown is one of those villains whom readers hate to love. This book is a beautiful amalgamation of action, romance, mystery, psychology and let’s just says everything, Christie.

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