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TV Catchphrases of all Time

We are affected by TV shows in more ways than we realize. They may end but the characters live on either through their quirky mannerisms or through their catchy one-liners. So let’s relive some of these catchphrases once more.

  1. Legen — wait for it — dary – Let’s start this list with one of the most awesome shows ever made. HIMYM provided us with amazing relationship goals and kick-ass women. And obviously, Barney Stinson who is a one-liner machine, so it becomes a necessity to add one of his “awesome” catchphrases to this list.
  2. D’oh – Everyone on Simpsons has D’oh ed at least once, and we have too. Thank you, Homer, for defining annoying grunts for us.
  3. Lock Kar Diya Jaye? – Sitting on that hot-seat is a dream of every Indian. Not because of the winning amount but because of the chance to sit in front of BIG-B and listen to him say Lock Kar Diya Jaye again and again.
  4. Bazinga – Witty Comebacks, Smart Pranks, or just simple PJs – you could define them all by just a simple Bazinga!! And, we all just read that in Sheldon Cooper’s style 😀
  5. Babaji Ka Thullu!! – Kapil Sharma is a phenomena…and he proved it by making Babaji ka Thullu a common slang used by everyone from celebrities to aam-aadmi.
  6. How you doin’? – Joey doesn’t share food neither does he shy away from a chance of seducing the females on the show. Well, who does when you have a panty-dropping smile. And, trust me no matter how old Matt LeBlanc gets he can always get a girl by just “How you doin’?”.
  7. Yada Yada Yada – Don’t want to tell something or when something is self-explanatory just use yada-yada-yada and save yourself from the extra work. Well, trust a show about nothing to help us define everything.
  8. Hodor – Game of Thrones has bestowed upon us a number of one-liners from “Winter is Coming” to “You know nothing-Jon Snow.” how could you miss one of these? But, I chose Hodor because it can be used to define any situation (and maybe because I’m partial to Hodor) no matter what.

Valar Morghulis 😉

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