Master of the Game

Master of the game
Name -Master of the game
Author -Sidney Sheldon
Number of pages- 496
Price – Rs 340
Rating – 4/5

Sidney Sheldon understands human nature and how to keep readers interested even by a simple storyline. He writes’ novels that are tailor-made to make people turn the pages, even if they have a class at 8 O’Clock, their eyes are twitching and all they want to do is sleep. One such Novel is The Master Of The Game.

The book chronicles the life of Kate Blackwell through five parts having a third person view. It is the story of her present that she has destroyed and the past that haunts her. Her father’s adventures, her struggle for the company Kruger-Brent, her fierce loyalty towards Banda, her manipulation of her husband and son, and her granddaughters’ rivalry spanning over half the globe covering exotic locations of South Africa to the USA.

The book may sound a cliché, quite predictable with the same old revenge story, the same twin rivalry. But what makes this book absolutely enticing is how the author develops these characters. The heroes turn into villains in a matter of few pages.

These people are driven by ambition and they could fathom any length to get what they want even if they have to get their hands dirty.

You may despise Kate Blackwell for her manipulation, her passion for the company Kruger-Brent but at the same time, you will be awed by her power, her thought process. No, she is not a damsel that needs saving but a game changer whose ambition consumed her being and destroyed everyone who came in contact with her.

Each twist and turn amaze you, frustrates you but the end irritates you. It could have been a bang instead of a simple boom. I expected more of Eve Blackwell .

But overall the book is a true page turner and a must read for those who love suspense.

P.S. : There’s also a sequel 😉

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