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If it hadn’t been for Google

Today everyone is connected to the internet. And, Google is the center of our online lives. But what happens if our center was never there. Maybe we could have been lost, or maybe we could have been a whole lot smarter. Who knows??

  • We can’t just Google it anymore: How could we win those stupid debates if we didn’t have Google to back our facts up? Yes, we could Yahoo it or maybe even Bing it (Doesn’t even makes sense) but no search engine is as minimal and smooth as Google.
  • Identity Lost: Let’s be honest our Gmail Id is our Master Id…key to all our forgotten passwords and access to nearly all the stuff on the Internet. Before Google, no one thought that a single Email address could bring our desktop on someone else device with just a single click.
  • YouTube…Videos, What??: YouTube is the ultimate source of entertainment. Think where we all would be if there were no YouTube lectures to teach us the day before exams. YouTube is a career. YouTube is an Inspiration, but most importantly YouTube is a manifestation of what our generation is. We could replace any service offered by Google but not YouTube.
  • The smartphone won’t be smart anymore: Android rules the smartphone industry. The flood of apps and games would never have come into existence if Google hadn’t purchased Android. Our lives would be defined by a company’s User Experience needs rather than our own.
  • Google lost…I am lost: Google Maps: Our go-to app when we want to reach somewhere. Travelling and locating some destination was never this easy. Seriously, if Google maps weren’t there no one would have thought that locations can be searched through a mobile phone.
  • No chrome….Meaning Internet Explorer No!: For 90% of people, Chrome is the door to everything internet. We use Chrome more than any app on our Laptops and PCs. Without it, we would all be banging our heads on the wall, because if there is something slower than a tortoise its Internet Explorer.
  • My documents…my photos…poof: Unlimited photo storage and helping us access all our important documents anywhere and everywhere in the world. Who else does that without charging us a hefty amount of money? Well, certainly not Onedrive or Dropbox.

Google is not just a search engine, or another tech company. It is a culture – a need without which living in today’s world is nothing short of a disaster.


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