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Books v/s Movies

An imaginary world where mind knows no bounds or a pseudo imagination of someone else. What will you prefer? Or in simpler words a novel or a movie which will you pick up first ??

A person who has actually read a novel will surely pick the former and all others will succumb to the later choice.

After all, what is the use of reading something when you could easily watch a movie on it and the best part it ends in almost 3 hours, unlike books that sometimes take weeks or even months to finish?

But still, why does a book lover pick up a book over a movie again and again??

Maybe, when a person reads a book a movie starts playing in their head and I bet no director can shape this better than the reader. That is why even a good movie seems average in comparison to a mediocre book. No doubt, for that person the movie maybe good but the book is always better.

Or maybe the reason is when a reader watches a movie based on a novel they have at least one scene which they are waiting for as if their whole existence depends on that one scene, they want to know how it is portrayed and more often than not those scenes are forgotten in the film and half of book lovers start disliking the movie at that point.

And others start hating it as soon as the director changes the storyline. Yes, we know that a movie needs to be entertaining but the movie wouldn’t be into making unless the book was entertaining. So please scriptwriters stop altering and manipulating our favorite novels.

But, a movie is not always bad. Some are very good representations of very bad books, sometimes even making people forget the book itself.

It actually makes it easy to imagine stuff. Yes, it affects our thought process but not always in a negative way. I still picture Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter and Kristen Stewart as Bella.

The visualization of the style, the charisma of the characters makes them seem more real, more relatable. Yes, a novel written intelligently can do that too but in a novel all you have are words. When you want to tell the readers about how beautiful a character is words are not enough but in a film all you have to do is cast a beautiful actor/actress. Yes with books we are connected to their personalities but with movies, they become a part of ours.

Movies have actors that can make a bland character seem interesting, directors whose understanding of the story makes it easier to paint a picture in viewer’s mind, the script writer whose pen makes the scene more alive and much more people who want a great novel turned into an even greater film.

So it doesn’t matter what you choose if people have worked hard for it, it will surely consume your life and make you feel as if you just experienced an emotional roller coaster. Both have a good approach it just depends on how we interpret it.

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